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2023 Hot sale metal recycling machine

2023 Hot sale metal recycling machine

Short Description:

2023 Hot sale metal recycling machine. This plant can process the metal,wood,rubber,plastic,electronics etc.

Product Detail

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Double shaft shredder

Double shaft shredder is used for plastic lumps,die material, big block material, HDPE, PVC thick wall pipe and other plastic material which is difficult to process by the crusher machine. It is with good shaft structure design, low noise, durable use and the blades are changeable.

Operational principle

Flexible turning tools accelerate the input material to variably adjustable speeds and circles. Approx.80% of the disintegration and the opening up are carried out by the impact of the accelerated materials with each other. The different physical properties of the materials as well as the individually adjustable holding time determine the form and size of the processed material.


Application :  Input material

The shredder machine can easily pre-crush:

*plastic sheets;

*electronic waste;

*scrap (components, subassemblies; consumables);

*metals(lead, aluminum, copper, cable, barrels, sheet scrap, sheet metal pieces left over from production processes);

*aluminum cans;

*wood(wooden pallets or fruit boxes);

*plastic(plastic bottles or canisters);

*waste tire, rubber;

*waste household appliances;

*paper waste (cardboard, newspaper, office paper, books, magazine, kraft paper, paper core, cardboard tube, paper packaging material);

*textiles (rags, garments, carpet);

*animal bones and organic waste.




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