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Scrap car recovery equipment scheme

The automobile recycling and disassembly industry is a kind of recycling industry. Under the condition that the car ownership tends to be full, developing the automobile disassembly industry is an inevitable choice for every country.  Scrap cars are typical comprehensive renewable resources, which can provide raw materials such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, plastics, rubber and so on.  The automobile disassembly industry chain, centered on the disassembly link, extends upstream to the recycling and auction of scrapped cars and downward to the regeneration of parts and components and the reuse of metal and non-metal materials, which is of great significance to the protection of the environment, resource conservation and the promotion of circular economy.Metal Shredder Aluminum Can Block Crusher  Waste Bucket Shredder For Sale

Post time: Jun-02-2022