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Garbage, construction waste, demolition waste recycling system

City garbage waste recycling sorting machine

The city solid waste is increasing quickly with the development of the society, our company launched a new production line of municipal solid waste treatment according to this phenomenon. Comprehensive treatment of city solid waste processing system is developed to adapt to different places and have a full consideration of hte environment situation. According to the different needs of customers, provide advanced pretreatment technology and advanced process equipment for you to maximize the satisfaction of city life garbage treatment soil reduction, harmless, resources of industrial policy.

1.The complete MSW sorting line system can consist of the following modules:

- Feeder system,
- Preliminary Sorting (glass, oversized etc. – manual),
- Fe – separation,
- Sorting (PET, paper, cardboard, film, aluminium etc.)
- Baling press,
- Container and belt conveyors

2.The plant can be designed and constructed for different types of waste and capacity.
Upgrade for additional functions, baling press and so on possible on request.
This system can be adapted for the specific project requirements and the customer wishes.
Further technical data on request.


3.After the sorting process the client will recover:
&Plastic various type
&Ferrous metals
&Non-ferrous metals
&Organic and fines materials
(Organic can optionally be purified thought supplementary optical sorter)

Post time: Dec-02-2022